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About Us

Simple and Secure Automation

Automation enables faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and allows companies to gain a competitive market advantage. However, automation initiatives often fail due to lack of focus on security, a lack of simplicity, tool sprawl and complexity, and integration issues.

Mentat was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating automation technology that was indistinguishable from magic. To accomplish this we created a secure, fully integrated automation stack around a set of pipeline patterns. These patterns accelerate organizational automation adoption and enable teams to drive faster business value. Over the course of seven years we have trained a team of 100% US based, highly efficient, and effective automation consultants.

The Mentat team has used our proprietary pipeline patterns to create global push-button automation pipelines in healthcare, finance, and public sector to deploy into Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and VMware.

Mentat Values

We Make Automation & Cloud Simple & Secure.


We strive to automate everything, because in doing so we can dedicate more focused time on the delivery of quality work.


Without our customers we would not exist, so go above and beyond and aim to deliver the best possible solution ahead of schedule.


Deal in whole truths. Life and work are easier, and you will be less stressed out, when you are transparent with yourself and your co-workers.

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