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financial sector case study


financial sector
case study

How Mentat™ helped an undisclosed

multinational financial institution by designing & deploying a fully automated framework to support multiple lines of business & configuration of the client’s applications.


Mentat encountered several critical challenges with the client's massive legacy SharePoint-based application that needed immediate attention. Firstly, the manual deployment process for applications consumed months of valuable time and resources. Additionally, the absence of an automated redeployment and configuration management mechanism further compounded the inefficiencies. Updating the production environment proved highly risky due to the intricate integration landscape and the presence of snowflake systems that lacked repeatability and posed difficulties in support. The client faced significant issues with secrets management, as sensitive information was frequently found in plain text within various system configurations, exposing security vulnerabilities. Moreover, the absence of a replicated production environment hindered the ability to test changes before implementing them. Configuration drift was prevalent both between system components and within individual components, resulting in inconsistencies that undermined system stability and supportability. Overcoming these challenges required Mentat to introduce robust automation, establish standardized configuration management practices, enhance secrets management protocols, and create comprehensive testing environments to ensure smooth and secure operations for the client's SharePoint-based application.

Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png


Mentat™ created a fully automated system to enable the client to streamline their applications, saving time and money. 

Jenkins was employed to control orchestration that was set up in a highly available, multi-region set of ec2 instances.


Configuration management controlled with Puppet Masters and deployed to multiple regions. 


Terraform pipelines were created in Jenkins to support multiple environment builds.


  • AWS - SGs, VPCs, DirectConnect, EC2, EBS, EFS, ELB

  • VMware

  • Puppet

  • Jenkins

  • Terraform

  • SharePoint

  • Stardog

  • JBoss

  • IIS

  • Solr

  • multiple custom applications



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