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financial sector case study


financial sector
case study

How Mentat™ helped an undisclosed

multinational financial institution by designing & deploying a fully automated framework to support multiple lines of business & configuration of the client’s applications.


This client had a massive legacy SharePoint-based application with hundreds of integrations and no mechanism to automatically redeploy & manage configurations.

Mentat™ created a fully automated system to enable the client to streamline their applications, saving time and money. 

Jenkins was employed to control orchestration that was set up in a highly available, multi-region set of ec2 instances.


Configuration management controlled with Puppet Masters and deployed to multiple regions. 


Terraform pipelines were created in Jenkins to support multiple environment builds.



  • AWS - SGs, VPCs, DirectConnect, EC2, EBS, EFS, ELB

  • VMware

  • Puppet

  • Jenkins

  • Terraform

  • SharePoint

  • Stardog

  • JBoss

  • IIS

  • Solr

  • multiple custom applications


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