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case study 2

How Mentathelped an undisclosed

state/local government design and implement a new Automation Platform to fully manage provisioning and configuration to support over 100,000 users.



In addition to daily service outages, this client also used antiquated technology, such as Excel spreadsheets, to manage builds and changes, used dozens of half-implemented tools with overlapping purposes, and had
scripts written in multiple languages to perform the same tasks.

The client needed to rethink how to provision and configure all systems and hardware in order to stabilize their environment that supported over 100,000 users.

Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png


Mentat™ leveraged Azure DevOps as the
orchestration engine, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) was deployed to host build agents, and Ansible Tower was automated and deployed to manage all configuration management

Terraform and Terragrunt were implemented with a custom statefile management solution to manage all multi-cloud builds while Elasticsearch was used to gain visibility into all
automation services & provide visualizations and metrics

Frog Artifactory was then used in an HA pattern to host all binaries and containers, leveraged Prisma Cloud to have Twistlock deployed into Kubernetes clusters to manage security, and deployed VxRail on-premises with NSX-T to create a secure enclave to host and manage the automation services of the platform


  • Azure - Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Azure DevOps, NSGs, VNETs, Storage

  • AWS - VPCs, Subnets, EC2s, ILBs, EBS, EKS

  • Ansible Tower

  • VMware, NSX_T, VxRail

  • Terraform, Terragrunt

  • Prisma Cloud

  • Elasticsearch



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