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case study 3

How Mentathelped an undisclosed government agency migrate over 800 Virtual Machines (VMs) from their old data center with failing end-of-life hardware, zero automation, and a looming deadline to vacate the data center, to a brand new, automated and orchestrated data center with extremely stringent security compliance requirements. 



  • Zero time to refactor apps

  • Looming deadline to vacate data center

  • Ailing hardware that was past end-of-life

  • Applications that allowed for little downtime

  • Zero automation in previous environment

  • No replication capabilities in place prior to migration

  • Previous environment had overly complex security that far surpassed requirements

  • Difficult security compliances in new environment (CCMC, NIST, ITAR, ISO)

  • Zero data corruption

  • Minimal application downtime

  • Successfully decommissioned applications that were no longer needed

  • All applications were tested successfully and verified by application owners

  • Mentat was able to leverage all native or previously owned tools without acquiring new ones

  • Correctly migrated incorrectly categorized applications to appropriate enclaves to meet compliance

  • Target data center was configured to ensure compliance using configuration as code practices

  • All virtual machines inherited a modern tagging strategy using automation through the migration process

Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (7).png


Mentat™ designed, developed, deployed, & managed the largest Azure Government deployment that met CJIS compliance requirements.

Connected multiple zero-trust VNETs to 100GB ExpressRoute pipe, with micro-segmentation between all subnets to control east/west traffic.

Check Point firewalls were deployed into Azure Scale Sets to control north/south traffic.

To handle automation in the Azure cloud, Mentat™ designed & implemented Jenkins for orchestration, & Terraform and PowerShell to provision & configure services.


  • VMware vSphere (vCenter and ESXi)

  • VMware vRep and SRM

  • Commvault

  • Jenkins

  • PowerCLI

  • Ansible



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