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Optimize your Azure, AWS, and VMware compute investment with Mentat’s push-button automation solutions. Our 100% US based team of DevOps experts will help your organization deliver value faster and more securely, standardize deployments across all compute platforms, and simplify configuration management.

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Simple & Secure Automation


Automation enables faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and allows companies to gain a competitive market advantage. Mentat makes automation simple, secure, and scalable in hours instead of months.

Specialized Service

Human capital is the most precious asset of your company, and in order to maintain and grow your current market share you need to maximize your resources.

Computer Repair


Professional DevOps Services

Standardized pipelines to automatically provision, configure, and deploy over 200 cloud and on-premises services to Azure/AWS/Google/VMware/NSX-T.

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Professional Cloud Services

Mentat is certified on Azure and AWS and we have designed and built enterprise ready services for hundreds of thousands of users. Pick from our starter packages for our drop in full stack automation solutions, or work with us to develop your own custom cloud code.

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Managed DevOps Service

Start worrying less about writing Terraform modules, Ansible code, and Kubernetes Manifests and let Mentat start managing your automation platform and cloud environments.

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IaC & Containers Services

As businesses move into the hybrid-cloud, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become the solution of choice to deliver standardized, secure, and faster deployments. Mentat has over a decade of experience with IaC tools and over 200 enterprise ready and battle tested modules ready to use.

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Enterprise DevOps

DevOps enables enterprises to transform their people, process, and technology in order to adapt to the rapidly changing business-technology landscape.


However, many DevOps initiatives fail due to tool sprawl, lack of focus on security, and integration nightmares. Mentat has solved the headache of implementing enterprise automation at scale through a standardized stack of tools with security baked in.


To learn more about Mentat solutions checkout the link below.

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Serverless Compute

Whether your organization is running Kubernetes clusters or functions as a service in the cloud or on-premises, Mentat is here to help. Our team of dedicated engineers has deep experience in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Kubernetes on-premises.


To learn more about how Mentat can help your team with AKS, EKS, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or OpenFaaS click the link below and start your journey to re-imagine your serverless compute.

Mentat = Better DevOps

The Mentat Automation Engine is a standardized stack of industry leading automation tools that are delivered as a single solution. Terraform Builds, Ansible Configures, and Azure DevOps with Azure Kubernetes Service Orchestrates.


Checkout the link below to learn more about how Mentat can accelerate your DevOps journey.

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